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Want to Be a Forklift Operator? You’ll Need a License!

A forklift operator’s job is highly skilled. In this job, you can expect your skills to be highly respected and always in demand around Australia.  You’ve picked a great job, but you need to understand the processes of training and licensing.

Training in forklift operations is very thorough. You’ll have to work hard, and really learn and develop your skills. Importantly, you’ll receive training from experts who’ll guide you through each training phase.  These skills are skills for life, very portable in the modern labour market. You’ll also learn to operate the fabulous new forklifts arriving on the market, a very useful addition to your resume.

You’ll also learn how important the forklift operator’s role is. As a forklift operator, you’re the one who’s keeping the work moving and keeping the business running on time. You’ll find that you learn your responsibilities and very clearly understand your obligations to your employer and workplace colleagues.

How to Get a Forklift License

The bottom line with getting your license is to become an expert operator. You’ll be trained very well by professional experts, but remember – this is a job where you need to do everything well, from starting the forklift and equipment checks, to shutting it down for the day.

To get your license, you will require:

Good study habits

This training is well structured, and you should be able to go from beginner to expert with good study practices. Clear the decks of all interruptions and distractions, and focus on your training. There’s nothing quite like getting part way through a course, and not completing it. That’s definitely not where you want to be.

Your certification of competence from a Registered Training Organisation

With your certification, you can apply for your forklift license. Competence in this case means ALL aspects of forklift operation, including mandatory safety testing. While you’re in training, get all the help you need from your instructors by asking questions. Get extra time in practical operations. Be particularly sure to deal with any operations in which you feel you’re not yet up to standard.

Getting your license

After successful completion of your certification, you may apply for your forklift operator’s licence. Your license must be current, and you need it to legally operate a forklift in Australia. Make sure your license is accessible at all times if required.

These three things involve a lot of hard work, good skill development and meeting very high professional standards. When you get your license, be proud of it. The only way to get these licenses is to earn them.

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