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Mitsubishi Forklift Repairs and Maintenance Sydney

Do you own or use Mitsubishi forklifts? You no longer need to worry about repairs and servicing. At Aussie Forklift Sales, we provide impeccable maintenance and repair services for every Mitsubishi forklift model.

Our experienced mobile mechanics are highly trained in the repair and maintenance of Mitsubishi new and used forklifts. They are available 24/7 to conduct any kind of onsite forklift repair and maintenance work.

The best Mitsubishi repair experience!

Aussie Forklift Sales has a fleet of trained and experienced repairs and service teams equipped with modern tools and authentic spare parts for successful and effective onsite Mitsubishi forklift service and repairs.

Our teams are experienced in the repairs and maintenance of old Mitsubishi second-hand forklifts, i.e., for previously owned and used forklifts. This kind of experience ensures that the mechanics work fast, greatly reducing the downtime of your Mitsubishi forklifts, resulting in better efficiency and productivity at work.

Aussie Forklift Sales is the best place to find forklift hire or buy a new forklift. We have the widest variety of new forklifts for sale and used forklifts for sale from Mitsubishi. You can choose from the best new and second-hand forklift, depending on your requirement.

Widening the horizon!

Aussie Forklift Sales is undoubtedly the best place to look for Mitsubishi forklift hire, buy a 2nd hand forklift or opt for a brand new forklift for sale.

As forklift repairs and maintenance service providers, we know and understand your Mitsubishi forklift requirements.

Why choose us?

The Aussie Forklift Sales has a state of the art modern workshop facility to conduct major Mitsubishi forklift repairs such as transmission overhauls and engine overhauls. Our quick turnaround time is a testimony of the productivity of our experts.

We can make arrangements to transport your machinery to the workshop for major repair works.

Aussie Forklift Sales is committed to offering the highest levels of customer service for any kind of Mitsubishi forklift repairs and maintenance. Our service is mainly focused in the Sydney area. However, you can easily find us around the Sydney area too.

Planning to buy a new forklift? Get a quote from the AFS specialists today!

Alternatively, if you only want to explore hiring 2nd hand forklifts, taking a look at used forklifts for sale or evening buying new forklifts for sale, our experts can guide you through it all. Call us!

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