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Forklift Sales in Sydney

Selling quality brands for both new and used forklifts

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    New and Used Forklift Sales

    Need to buy a forklift? Looking for a great price? Aussie Forklift Sales stocks used and new forklifts from brands, including Toyota, Nissan and Hyster forklifts. If this is a first-time purchase for you, our expert advice can steer you towards the perfect machine for your business’ needs.

    Organisations across a wide range of industries regularly come to us for materials handling equipment, including:

    • Building and construction
    • Transport
    • Small business owners

    Our new equipment carry 2-3 year warranties, while those looking for cheap forklifts may consider our 2nd hand forklifts that are fully refurbished and come with 3 month warranties. We stock all major brands and all of the equipment we sell is workshop-tested.

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    Not Sure Which Model Suits Your Needs?
    Buying a Forklift

    Quality with a Warranty

    Aussie Forklift Sales’ new vehicles carry 2–3 year warranties. Those looking for cheaper options may consider our refurbished used forklifts, which come with 3 month warranties. Whether it’s Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, or Hyster you prefer, we stock all major brands and our vehicles are workshop tested.

    Considerations when buying a forklift

    If you want to buy a forklift, you will need to consider usage patterns and what materials you will be handling. These factors will determine the appropriate size and fuel type.

    • Aussie Forklift Sales’ smaller vehicles, starting at 1.5 tonnes in weight, are best used in small warehouses and for limited use.
    • Our medium-sized models are great for moving the contents of shipping containers – for example, goods on pallets, boxes etc. The vast majority of our customers find that a 2.5 tonne model, with a maximum carrying load of 2.3 tonnes, is perfect for their needs.
    • Our 7 tonne vehicles, the largest models we carry, are excellent for outdoor applications, large factories that handle items like building materials, and shipping container conveying.

    Choosing the Right Fuel Type

    If you don’t anticipate daily use, or will use the vehicle for only an hour or so a day, we recommend buying a forklift from our range of smaller electric models, which run on traction batteries.

    Companies who will be using the machine for up to 6–8 hours a day most days of the week would be better served by our LPG, petrol, or diesel models.

    If you’re still not sure which model of forklift to buy or have any concerns about choosing the right model, we’re more than happy to show you our range. We’ll help you find the right material handling solution.

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    Need to buy a new or used forklift at a great price? We provide forklifts to buy, rental, fleet management, and more. Contact Aussie Forklift Sales today on (02) 9679 7241 or submit an online enquiry form.