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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the models you offer new or used?

We stock both new and 2nd hand models for sale. If you’re after cheap forklifts, our used forklifts are fully refurbished and come with a 3 month warranty.

How do I go about organising financing?
Our broker can organise finance options for customers looking to hire or buy.
What brands do you carry?

We can source a wide variety of brands – contact us to discuss what you’re looking for. Some of our more popular brands include Nissan forkliftsHyster forklifts, and Toyota forklifts.

How do I figure out which model I need?

We carry all sizes available. Vehicles are classified by how much they weigh and their fuel source. Our forklift sales models range from 1.5 to 7 tonnes, and we carry gas, diesel, LPG and electric options.

What you choose will depend on the maximum weight of the materials to be lifted. Most of our customers buy a 2.5 tonne vehicle, also known as a container machine as it is often used to move items out of shipping containers. These can carry a maximum load of 2.3 tonnes. Here are the weights of the other models we carry and their maximum loads:

Weight (Tonnes) Maximum Load (Tonnes)
1.5 1.2
2.5 2.3
3 2.8
3.5 3.2
4 3.8
4.5 4.2
7 6
Should I buy a gas or electric model?

Consider how much you are likely to use it when deciding which energy source you want. For those who will be using their vehicle for 6–8 hours a day, gas is likely to be your best option.

Electric vehicles are best for those who will be using their forklifts less. Electric vehicles run on a traction battery, the most expensive component of the machine. Using the battery for hours each day will quickly wear it down.

For maintenance, hire and forklift sales Sydney-wide, contact us today on (02) 9679 8992.