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The Fine Print of Forklift Hire

Important, please note: The following information is intended as a general guide only to possible forklift hire issues. This information is not to be construed as any form of legal advice. Readers are strongly advised to consult with legal practitioners to assess legal issues related to forklift hire.

Forklift hire is usually pretty straightforward, in theory, but there are some possible pitfalls for businesses, depending on the hire agreement. It is possible that some hiring agreements contain fine print issues, or, equally annoyingly, don’t contain some specific conditions. It is best practice to thoroughly vet a hire agreement for possible problems, particularly if you haven’t done business with the hiring company before.

Terms and Conditions: The Basics

A hiring agreement is a legally binding formal agreement that sets out a range of terms and conditions for hire. Terms and conditions are commitments by both parties and may make a range of stipulations.

For example:

  • Injuries incurred while operating a hired forklift: This is an incredibly complex legal situation. Terms on the hiring agreement may or may not cover injuries. If they don’t, liabilities become a major issue. It can also be a very expensive issue; especiually if it goes to court, and/or major compensation payouts are involved.
  • Servicing needs: This is a very fundamental range of possible situations for hiring forklifts. Most terms and conditions cover repairs and servicing, but not all. There are still a few fossil hire agreements which are No Frills hiring and they’re the usual suspects for these issues. If servicing isn’t covered, it is suggested that you look elsewhere.
  • Hire term periods: This is more of a dollar issue than a legal problem, but it’s easy to miss when looking at the hiring agreement. It can often be a better deal to hire for a longer term, but the hire agreement may stipulate a shorter term. Just check to ensure you’re getting best dollar value for your hire term.
  • Misinterpretation of terms and conditions: This is THE major issue which causes quite unnecessary disputes. Disputes can be about anything, and both parties may find themselves stuck with a pretty pointless, time-consuming argument to resolve. The usual results of misinterpretations are avoidable, and sometimes very irritating, arguments about hiring terms. The moral of the story – don’t sign a hiring agreement until all possible areas of misinterpretation are clarified and fully understood. There really shouldn’t be any issues at all, and good hiring companies will make absolutely sure there aren’t.

Finding a Good Forklift Hire Company is Easier than You Might Think

The best way to find a good forklift hire company is to look at the company profile. This is your checklist for a good hiring company:

  • Forklift specialist supplier: They stock multiple top brands, and can deliver the right forklifts for your needs.
  • Forklift insurance available: This is a must, and you should ask about it during the hiring process.
  • Top brand servicing: The top brands like Nissan, TMC, Hyster, Toyota and Mitsubishi forklifts are famous for excellent support and services. Good hiring companies are usually authorised servicing companies, too.
  • Support when you need it: This is an area where the really good hiring companies really stand out. One phone call is all they need, and they’ll have your forklifts back on the job ASAP.

Trying to Hire Forklifts in Sydney?

Whenever you need forklifts, Aussie Forklift Sales are the place to go for forklift hire in Sydney.  Call us on (02) 9679 7241 or contact us online and talk to us about your hiring needs. Expect friendly service and all the help you need to get a great forklift.