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Latest Forklift Technology

Modern forklifts are evolving fast, with new designs entering the market all the time. The good news for forklift businesses is that the new moves in forklift technology are all about economic operations and performance.

To provide you with a greater understanding of the above, let’s take a look at a few examples:

  • Toyota forklifts: Toyota, one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of forklifts, is developing its hybrids in to new all-round options, including hydrogen cell powered forklifts. The hydrogen cell initiative is designed to improve handling, safety, power, and performance.
  • Crown forklifts: Crown is famous as an innovator in forklift design. They’re currently progressing their clean green machines with a shopping list of criteria for development. This criteria includes fewer repairs, increased uptime, and performance efficiency, combined with lower emissions and less waste.
  • Nissan forklifts: Nissan is a long-time market leader, and they’re building in new tech to their forklifts all the time. Some of the latest Nissan models feature multiple regenerative functions, long operating hours, higher lifting and travelling speeds, and much more.
  • Hyster forklifts: The very popular Hyster range of forklifts is well-respected in Australia. This big range includes everything from basic container forklifts to high reach, high capacity forklifts with the potential to lift very heavy loads. New models include the new reach stackers, with powerful arms and versatile forks and handling attachments for a vast range of roles. The emphasis here is on a range of design features for improved performance and high efficiency handling.

Assessing New Forklift Technologies

With so many new innovations arriving on the market, it’s a good idea to do some research on the new forklifts, preferably with expert advice. If you’re in a high volume handling environment, these new forklifts can deliver excellent value.

The big issues for assessment make a short but valuable list of considerations:

  1. Does a forklift deliver the power I need for my bandwidth of loads?
  2. What are the operating cost metrics?
  3. How agile is the forklift, relative to your workspace needs?
  4. What are the actual metrics for operating performance? How do they compare to other options?

The right new forklift technologies will deliver easily measurable extra capacity, better load handling, and improved workflow efficiency with lower costs. If your choice of new forklift delivers on all those needs, you’ve found exactly what you need. You can improve handling times, and load capacity management capabilities with your acquisition.

Don’t be surprised if your new forklift is a much better performer than your existing forklifts. The new technology really is proving itself to be a game changer at bottom line level in multiple ways. Better costs and better operational values add up to much better purchasing value, both on the balance sheet and on the job.

Looking for the Latest Forklifts in Sydney?

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