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Let’s Take a Look at Some Popular Forklift Models

The latest forklifts coming on the market are a study in competitive design. The top brands are outdoing each other, trying to deliver superior products. If you’re considering forklift acquisitions for your business, it’s a good idea to see why these forklifts are so popular with operators and businesses.

Top Brands, Top Forklifts, New and Used

We’ve chosen a few leading brands for you to compare their performance capabilities:

  • Mitsubishi Forklift FG25: The ubiquitous Mitsubishi FG25 petrol forklift is a global favourite. These very powerful forklifts have been around for a while, and they’re famous for their workhorse performance. Mitsubishi forklifts also come with the added value of top brand nationwide services from specialist forklift maintenance and repair services.
  • Crown Electric Reach Truck Forklift RR5225-45: These well-known electric forklifts are also major mainstream machines, used extensively in modern warehousing for their excellent load capacity and high reach.  One of the reasons for their popularity is their good economic running costs. These machines deliver excellent performance at lower costs. That’s a really good way of becoming popular with Australian forklift businesses.
  • Toyota Forklift 42-7FG25 2.5-TON LPG: A natural competitor to the Mitsubishi FG25, these Toyotas are also super-tough, robust forklifts with excellent agility and lift capacity. The strong fork assembly on these modern forklifts is great for all types of work.
  • Hyster 4.0-5.5FT Series forklifts: A middleweight range of forklifts, these Hyster forklifts are true jacks of all trades. With electronic systems and a powerful fork to lift weights up to 5.5 tons, they’re the all-rounders in many forklift fleets in Australia.
  • Nissan JG02A25U 2.5-TON FORKLIFT: These forklifts have been on the market for 20 years, and they’re still very popular. If you’re looking for a good used forklift, don’t go past these Nissans. They’re still on the market because they are excellent forklifts.

How to Find the Most Popular Forklifts for Your Business

The easy way to find these popular forklifts is with a good specialist forklift supplier. The best suppliers deal in multiple top brands, selling new and used forklifts, and forklift repair and maintenance services.

There are a few good business reasons for using these specialist suppliers, too:

  • Technical support when you need it: The top forklift suppliers really are one stop shops. You’ll get the no-nonsense, get-it-done-right-now support and services you need.
  • Better standards of servicing: The multi-brand forklift sales and servicing companies provide a much higher quality of service, particularly for forklift fleets. These companies also have the capacity to deliver all maintenance and repair services required when needed.
  • Parts: You need authorised forklift repair and maintenance services. These companies can always get the authentic parts you need for your high value forklifts and do all your servicing in-house or onsite.
  • Practical business values: A good maintenance and servicing deal with a forklift supplier covers all angles, and reduces net costs.
  • Hire options: If you don’t want to buy, why not hire? You can hire a good forklift with a phone call with the right forklift sales company. Save money and get a great forklift!

Trying to Find a Great Forklift in Sydney?

If you need a top quality forklift in Sydney at a good price, Aussie Forklift Sales offers both hire forklifts and forklifts for sale in Sydney.  We also provide finance to approved clients, and all services for all the top brands. Call us on (02) 9679 7241 or contact us online to speak with our expert team about your needs.