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Common Repair Issues with Your Forklift

Modern forklifts are tough, but they’re also put under constant stress in their work. They need regular maintenance and servicing, and every so often, repairs. It’s a good idea to make sure that your business is set up to get repairs ASAP when you need them. We’re going to explain some of the classic repair issues.

Classic Forklift Repair Issues

All experienced forklift operators can tell when a forklift has problems simply by the way the forklift handles. Some good operators can even predict problems before they happen.

These are a few of the more common, and more irritating, likely problems:

  1. Power system issues: these issues may apply to any powered operation, and they’re dangerous. Power issues may include load handling, fork power, drive power and any other systems onboard. The consequences are potentially serious. A stuck load on a raised forklift can be dangerous, and obstruct workflow onsite, if the forklift can’t move due to power problems. The usual cause of this problem is lack of maintenance.
  2. Mechanical issues: these issues aren’t overly common, but they are often serious. Mechanical issues can be far more complex than they seem, and with modern forklifts, which are very reliable performers, these problems certainly don’t happen for no reason. High load stresses are the usual culprits, and can do severe physical damage to the forklift’s mechanisms. The entire fork mechanism may have to be disassembled, and in some cases, rebuilt altogether.
  3. Drive system issues: drive systems on forklifts are extremely powerful. The drive system is also critical because it’s part of the load handling dynamic. If there’s anything wrong with the drive system, the forklift may well be unsafe to operate. Typical symptoms include erratic operations, start or stop issues, and any system that doesn’t perform well. If a forklift shows any signs of drive problems, don’t wait to call your forklift service provider.

The Business Side of Forklift Repairs

Forklift businesses don’t need to be told that access to instant servicing is a must. You may not know, however, that some services are much better than others.

A couple pointers:

  1. You need a specialist forklift service that provides services for top brands.

These services are natural choices for businesses operating top brand forklifts. They are also, critically, more technically advanced services. Not everyone can service a top of the line Mitsubishi forklift, for example. It’s also nice to know that your services are being conducted by authorised providers using authentic parts. This is important.

  1. You can get first-class regular maintenance and repair services with a phone call.

Most of the problems above are caused by wear and tear, and can be prevented with regular maintenance. Having your repair services available instantly is also, of course, a major business positive.

Ask Aussie Forklift Sales for All the Forklift Services You Need

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