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How to Choose a Forklift

If you’re looking for a new forklift, be prepared for some real surprises. New generation forklifts may look pretty similar to older models, but there’s a lot more to them. In fact, they are a major step up – with more capacity, better integrated services and more advanced capabilities.

Choosing Your Forklift

There are some surefire ways of choosing your new forklift that will help you get a good idea on the prices, features, and servicing:

  1. Start by exploring top brand forklifts: Top brands like Toyota, Crown, Nissan, Hyster, Samsung, and other leading makes, all have the latest features. You’ll also get a very clear picture of prices, and these top brand price very competitively.
  2. Check and compare different load capacity sizes: You’ll be quite surprised at the fact that some of these smaller forklifts have huge forks on them. They’re super-tough and are designed to lift solid load capacities with ease.
  3. Need petrol or diesel powered forklifts? This is a very practical consideration, particularly if your forklifts operate in multiple environments. Compare the different brands for each type of power system, and you’ll see some interesting options.
  4. Do the numbers with your metrics and compare with forklift specifications: Obviously, you need a forklift that delivers the workflow you want. Consider the metrics – would a 2.5 tonner cover all options, or do you need a slightly larger forklift to deal with high volume operations?
  5. Agility: Often, you may need more than just pure power. Smaller forklifts can pay for themselves with their ability to manage tight spaces in warehouses and on building sites. Smaller forklifts can be a very good cost saver, particularly in roles where they have to do a lot of travelling. The good news for buyers looking for high capacity is that even the bigger, modern forklifts are conveniently agile.
  6. Servicing and maintenance when you need it: This is a bit of a no-brainer, in theory. Everyone knows you need good, reliable access to fast services for forklifts; but not all suppliers deliver these services. Some suppliers are just resellers, and don’t provide such services. Others deliver services, but through a third party, which may or may not be a good idea. That’s hardly the ideal scenario when you want to get up and running ASAP and avoid downtime. It’s definitely best to ensure your services are built in to your acquisition, preferably direct from the supplier.
  7. Fleet purchases: If you’re making a major acquisition of a fleet of forklifts, all of the above points apply, with a few extras. Make sure that you source your forklift from a full service, do-everything specialist forklift supplier. Also note that you can often get a very good deal on major acquisitions from competent, business-savvy suppliers.

Talk to Aussie Forklift Sales About New Forklift Acquisition

If you’re in the market to buy forklifts in Sydney, with all services built in, and want expert help when you need it, talk to Aussie Forklift Sales. Give us a call on (02) 9679 7241 or contact us onlineWe’ll be happy to provide all the guidance, practical advice, and services you need.