Hiring vs Purchasing a Forklift

The debate about the relative values of hiring or purchasing a forklift is inevitably cost-based. It’s also often a bit simplistic.

There are benefits for both options and we’re going to explain why you can do both and improve your bottom line.

Why Buy?

When you purchase a forklift, new or pre-owned, you will get good value from your purchase:

  • Modern forklifts are true productivity assets: A good forklift, particularly the new workhorse Toyota, Nissan, Hyster or other top brands, will give you improved capacity and much better handling times.
  • Purchasing is a one-off outlay: It’s a good way of managing your costs. Whether you buy outright or use finance, your costs are well defined. This is a truly budget-friendly option for businesses that demand good operational cost controls.
  • Purchasing includes services, maintenance, etc: Best practice for purchasing is to lock in all the services you need. This saves time, money and makes operational management a lot simpler and more cost-efficient.

The Value of Hiring

Hiring offers a range of similar values but with a few interesting and valuable extras:

  • Hiring forklifts provides added capacity: An extra forklift or two can turn a tough job into a very smooth operation, reducing operating costs and managing time. This is particularly the case in freight and distribution, where ever-growing workloads often push your current forklifts to full capacity.
  • Hired forklifts have servicing built in: Your hired forklifts are covered for servicing, so there’s no problem if you need any work done and it’s done on a basic service warranty.
  • Costs are clear cut: The dollar value in hiring is also well under control. You can budget your hire to the last cent, with no guesswork involved. You can also get a good deal at a much lower cost than an extra purchase.

The Business Model for Hiring and Purchasing

The twin hire-and-purchase model delivers:

  • Purchasing: You can buy for your existing capacity needs and current workload.
  • Hiring: Hiring delivers instant extra capacity, often a good move for big freight and warehousing operations that receive huge loads on a regular basis.

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