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The Very Latest Trends and Technology in the Forklift Industry

Here at Aussie Forklift Sales, we truly are passionate about all things forklifts. As a professional and dedicated team, we like to keep our finger on the pulse of everything that’s happening in our industry.

If you’d like to know about the latest trends and technologies in forklifts, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re more than happy to pass on our knowledge to you to help you find the best option for your business!

Remote Controlled Forklifts

Traditionally, gas and other forklifts are operated by a rather complex system of levers, pulleys and controls. These days, things are a little bit easier for your average forklift technician. The majority of vehicles now have digital operation panels. These control systems are easy to use, easy to understand and they are limited to one interface. They are also easier on the forklift’s battery, which allows for a longer duration of use.

Digital Communication Technology

The greatest minds in Silicon Valley are hard at work. One interesting new technology they’re developing is a method of digital communication. This method allows your devices to speak to internet-based hardware systems. With this technology, the forklifts of the years to come will be able to speak to and interact with every other device in your warehouse. This will greatly reduce the need for human labour, as well as reducing workplace safety incidents and accidents.

As we continue into the future we may even see completely robotic forklifts!

Device Mounts

Tablet computers and smartphones are now being used to control electric forklifts, but when this technology was first implemented an obvious problem arose. Due to the vibrations, bumps and jumps of everyday forklift operations, tablets and smartphones often failed. If they didn’t malfunction, they would deteriorate. Environmental conditions also impacted their performance.

Device mounts directly address this issue by securely mounting the device. This means that they’re safe from those vibrations and protected during operation.

Automatic Guide Vehicles

Auto guide vehicles are forklifts that work along specifically designed, pre-determined paths. They are often directed by wires or a type of magnetic surface tape. These vehicles have great potential to cut out the need for human labour.

The Years to Come

It’s safe to say that the years to come will see some interesting developments in forklift technology. Exactly what this means for the future of the forklift, we are yet to know.

Here at Aussie Forklift Sales we’re confident that we’ll see smarter, more efficient and more durable machines. We’re well and truly excited!

Want More Information?

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