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Tips to Buy used forklifts

How to Save Time and Money When Buying Used Forklifts

Buying a used forklift can help your business grow if you make the right purchase choice. While new forklift prices can sometimes be prohibitive, there are ways to get around this to keep costs under control while still getting all of your freight and logistical work resolved. It is important that you take a considered approach when buying any kind of forklift, whether new or second hand. If you need to buy used forklifts, consider the points given below:

 1. Try to get a second-hand forklift instead of a new one if budgets are right. Buying second-hand forklifts can help your business grow faster buy freeing up funds for other business needs. Buying them from dealer with poor service / machines / buyer feedback / reviews can land you in big trouble. Always make sure you buy second-hand forklifts from a reputable dealer. This will save you from a lot of hassle since these dealers often replace faulty spare parts with genuine parts. 

2. Analyse the forklift thoroughly before you invest your money in buying used forklifts.

3. Check if the operational controls work properly.

4. Inspect the tyres, engine, mast and hydraulics properly. 

5. Check the tightness of all hydraulic fittings.

6. Check the warning and shutdown lights.

7. Check all fluid levels in the forklift, including coolant, engine oil, transmission and steering fluid etc. 

8. Check and test all safety devices. 

9. Check that all the tyres are in good condition. 

10. Ask for an operational inspection before purchase. 

11. Request that the old batteries be replaced with new ones if the old batteries are salvageable. 

12. Request that the old mast be replaced with a new one if the old mast is salvageable. 

13. Ensure that a warranty agreement is signed.

14. Check for dents, cracks, or damage of any kind. 

15. Check that the mast is straight.

Benefits of buying 2nd hand forklifts: 

One of the major benefits of buying second-hand forklifts is that it costs less than buying new ones. Moreover, second-hand forklifts have a great resale value which comes in handy if you need to sell your old forklift. However, care must be taken to buy used forklifts from a reputable dealer. This will make sure you get a forklift in great condition that will cater to your needs. Think ahead before investing in used forklifts!   If you consult forklift dealers with enough time and effort, you can get a great deal.

Forklift inspection is a must before buying a used forklift. If the buyer is not satisfied, he can have an expert check it out. A forklift becomes unsafe to use and can lead to accidents and injuries if the parts are not working properly. The buyer must ensure that the forklift is inspected and overhauled by any reputed company before using it. To know more contact Aussie Forklift Sales!

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