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Choosing the Right Forklift – What to Consider

If your business is investing in a forklift, this is generally a sign of good things to come. It usually means that your business is growing and that you’ve moved beyond manual handling. A forklift also means handling more stock, at a faster rate, for more output. This ultimately leads to greater profits for you.

To maximise all of these benefits, it’s essential that you find the forklift that’s right for you. There is a range of forklifts available, each with their own functions, benefits and drawbacks.

Aussie Forklift Sales are experts when it comes to forklifts. We’re happy to help you make a decision about which one is right for you and your business.

Fuel Type

This is probably the biggest decision, as there are three types of forklifts. Electric, diesel and gas.


Electric forklifts tend to cost more up front. Despite this, they also tend to last longer and are generally cheaper to run. This means that you should get a good return on your investment, despite your initial outlay.

Electric forklifts also run smoothly and quietly. They have no emissions and are best suited for indoor use or in cold climates.


Gas forklifts can wield heavier loads than electric forklifts and they can also move faster. This makes them ideal for heavy-duty use in a fast-paced environment, like a busy warehouse. You have the option of two types of gas, both of which are easy and fast to refuel and have great fuel efficiency.


Diesel forklifts are the heavyweights. They’re ideal for outdoor use and heavy loads. Diesel fuel fluctuates in price, though, so sometimes you may spend more on fuel than other times.

The Work Environment

Another factor to consider is your businesses environment. Will you need your forklift for indoor use, outdoor use or both? Will it be driving on rough, smooth or a combination of surfaces? How frequently will the forklift operate?

Make a list of what your forklift will need to do and take this to the professionals. They will be able to match your preferences with the best possible model.

Weight Capacity

The amount of weight your forklift can handle will also inform your choice. It might even be the most important factor. For example, it would be a mistake to invest in a forklift with a huge lift capacity that is well above your needs, and vice versa.

You’ll also need to match your forklift to the type of loads you’re lifting. There are unique attachments that can upgrade a standard forklift to help you move specific loads more effectively.

A side shift forklift can allow you to move your load to the left and to the right without moving the vehicle. This is perfect for those tightly packed warehouses where accuracy is essential.


Finally, you should also consider the top reach of a forklift. Imagine buying one model only to discover that it can’t reach the highest shelves of your storage space!

You’ll also need to consider the collapsed height of the mast if you need it to move under a garage door or into separate areas.

After a Forklift?

In the market for a new or used forklift? We have a variety of forklifts in stock. We specialise in reconditioned used forklifts, which are painstakingly restored into as new condition. Please get in touch with Aussie Forklift Sales with any enquiries that you may have.