Pre-Owned Forklifts – What to Look for to Ensure a Great Deal

Anyone who’s ever worked with a forklift will tell you that pre-owned forklifts can be a great deal. The truth is that some older forklifts are excellent value for money and very good on the job.

Here are a few things to consider if you’re looking at purchasing a pre-owned forklift:

  • Pre-owned forklifts aren’t old: There’s no demand for fossils on the market. Pre-owned forklifts are usually previous or even current generation models. Their performance and capacity are well within current demand requirements.
  • Prices are good: This is a highly competitive market. Dealers price to deliver good values to customers. You can save money upfront on a forklift which is basically last year’s model, with at least a good 5 years product life at a lower initial cost. If you buy a few pre-owned forklifts, you’re getting multiple good deals. No need to use a calculator to see that’s a good option for any business.
  • Top brand pre-owned forklifts are excellent value: These forklifts are still covered for parts and servicing, like new forklifts. If you buy a second hand Toyota forklift, you get all the service values, too.
  • All pre-owned forklifts are fully serviced and operational: There’s no guesswork here, either. Your pre-owned forklift may well be in much better condition than some working forklifts. Expert forklift dealers don’t need to be told that their pre-owned forklifts must deliver on performance and all specifications.
  • The range of choices is also good: A good range of pre-owned forklifts will give you the choice of a big heavy lifter or an agile forklift for site work.

The Dollar Values for Acquisition

Pre-owned forklifts are a good way of delivering a lot more capacity at a significantly lower cost. When you do the numbers, you can see why pre-owned forklifts are so popular in warehousing, industry, construction, and other high volume industries.

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