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What Makes the Services Of Sydney Based Forklift Sales And Hire Different From Others

There seems to be no conclusive answer to the everlasting debate on choosing between forklift hire and purchase. No matter which way you go, it does help to have services from local companies that offer both. You get ample choices to choose from, get good deals, and excellent after-sales service. Yet, researching the most practical service provider can get easier with the following considerations.  

Considering the Capacity

Whether you are checking for forklifts for sale or hire, it is imperative to choose the machine capacity you get. For example:

  • Relatively small vehicles can weigh about 1.5 tonnes. These applications are perfect for indoor utilities and lighter applications.
  • Medium-sized models weigh about 2.5 tonnes and accommodate as much as up to 2.3 tonnes. It is a favourite among clients requiring forklifts for sale and hire. It is ideal for almost any general usage.
  • The bigger units, weighing about 7 tonnes, are ideal for most outdoor applications. They give a heavy-duty performance, as well.

When you look for sturdy units for longer use, it is a good idea to look for products that run on petrol, diesel, or LPG. It helps in more consistent performance.

Options of Finance

Going for used forklifts can be an economical option for any company owner. However, even managers looking to own one can have easy ways of financing. The Sydney based service providers like Aussie Forklift Sales have their team of professionals to look after the finance question. You can get all the help regarding:

  • Having a payment plan.
  • Checking affordable options.

If you are hiring one, then the brokers can help with:

  • Preparation of rental agreements.
  • Checking the options of financial leases.

About Aftercare

If you are considering forklift hire in Sydney, check whether your local providers ensure that the units are well refurbished and come with a decent warranty period. Sydney based companies like Aussie forklift sales, for example, offer three months warranty on the products they offer. Also, check if the new forklift options available are backed by warranty and professional customer service. It is also important to see whether your chosen service offers 24/7 service. 

forklift hire Sydney, forklifts for sale, used forklifts