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Crown Forklifts Sydney– Perfect for Warehousing

Operating a warehouse requires constant productivity and that means investing in the right machinery. Aussie Forklift Sales has been supplying quality used Crown forklifts to Sydney businesses for more than 15 years. Our knowledge and services ensure that you get the right forklifts for your job and minimum downtime for repairs.

Why Crown?

For more than 50 years, Crown Forklifts have been operating in warehouses and fleet services around Australia. Crown is a leading provider of handling equipment throughout Australia and their forklifts are designed to meet the needs of local warehouses. Crown harnesses the power of technology and innovative design, ensuring that the job gets done quickly and that all safety measures are met.


Aussie Forklifts Sales has a range of premium Crown Forklift models in stock. No matter how big or small your warehouse is, we have a forklift for all businesses.

We stock a variety of Pre-owned Crown Forklifts, including:

  • 30WTFF154A
  • SCTT4300
  • SC3018TT4885

Quality handling is a must for any equipment. As a proud reseller of Crown Forklifts, we ensure our clients are buying a trusted machine at the best prices.

Our Promise

At Aussie Forklift Sales, we ensure all the machines we sell are compliant with Australian rules and regulations. Our used forklifts undergo stringent reconditioning prior to going on sale. You can feel safe knowing the equipment you are investing in won’t break down or malfunction prematurely.

Reliable, affordable and well-maintained, Crown Forklifts are the ideal machine for any warehouse. If you would like to learn more about our forklifts, get in touch with us today. Call Aussie Forklift Sales on (02) 9679 7241.