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Clark Forklifts Sydney

To ensure a business operates at its best, you need to partner good workers with quality equipment. Aussie Forklift Sales offers an extensive range of new and used forklifts to clients in the warehousing industry and a range of other environments. Our knowledge and service are essential to getting your business moving.

Read on to learn more about our range of Clark Forklifts.


Founded in 1903 as the George R. Rich Manufacturing Company, Clark was a leading manufacturer of twist drills in the railway sector. In 1924, the company successfully manufactured the world’s first internal combustion forklift, becoming a pioneer in the forklift and handling equipment industry.

Clark was the first manufacturer to offer overhead guard rear posts as standard equipment on stand-up rider forklifts. More than one million forklifts have been manufactured and the company is only getting better at adapting to new technology.

Why Choose Clark?

With more than 100 years in business, Clark is one of the oldest manufacturing companies in the world. They have a reputation as impressive as their history and their forklifts are built to last. As a leading supplier of used Clark forklifts, we ensure you are getting value for money.

Available in both internal combustion and electric motors, Clark forklifts are designed to handle the toughest jobs. All of our used forklifts undergo extensive testing while they are reconditioned. We ensure that Australia’s strict warehousing rules are met and exceeded by providing quality brands like Clark in the best possible condition.

Learn More about Our Range of New and Used Clark Forklifts

Tradition and design make Clark forklifts the essential handling equipment for all your warehousing needs. If you are interested in our range of forklifts, contact Aussie Forklift Sales today. Call us on (02) 9679 7241 or contact us via our online enquiry form.